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  • Launch Practice


    Height: 40.5cm Width: 25.7cm Depth: 3.5cm

  • Messed Garden


    The messed garden is dislodged from gravity and trying to find it’s place, it’s order. Free from a ground objects in space follow different organizational patterns. Velocity, entropy, large bodies.
    Objects in space are nascient versions of things that are already familiar to us, but they haven’t been formed yet.

    These are like ghosts of things to come, rather than ghosts of what have already been.

  • Redacted Test


    Time is a continuum. Lives are lived on that continuum and in all of our lives there are sections that have been blocked out, either consciously or unconsciously, by system error or by circumstance. A worthy topic, “Redacted” is a painting that started out censored and has embedded that lost data into it’s body over the course of time.

  • standard protocol

    Standard Protocol