UNEVEN, Nagoya

MFA Exhibition

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  1. Truly a cultural revolution Andy!
    Have you written (anywhere others could read) about the impact of being in Japan has had on your practice? Are you still there? Lots of questions …thanks for sharing .

    1. rgmic

      Hi Roberta, thanks for your interest! I really like that you’re working with fungal spores. That’s speaking my kind of language. Nice work.

      I’ve written about a lot of things over the last two years. My experience in Japan is something I ought to take the leap on and go ahead and put words to paper. I have this habituated tendency is to relate my experiences to subconsciously selected macro-systems in the world and to contextualize whatever I experience internally within these cherry-picked external framings.

      What frames I choose are as important as the experience that I have to share, kind of a figure/ground relationship thing. So for me, it’s really about developing a level of transparency and trust in myself to find my base level integrity from which to write my little taste of a life in Japan, that’s what I may be waiting on.

      I’ll keep you in mind in my blogging : )

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