Collage: Shorthand from the Age of Print

It was back in 2011, and at that time I was using a computer and a tiny smartphone maybe, but I hadn’t been fully absorbed by the internet at that point and I still bought magazines: art magazines, fashion magazines, and occasional road bike magazine, and so did some of my friends. Any neglected mag lying around was material for art, and for me, it was both a quick art form in and of itself, but also a form of shorthand and sketching to quickly review my instincts and proclivities around composition, color relationships, space, and a bit of content exploration to.

Sometimes the collages were simple formal studies and other times they were sketches connected to concepts and projects that extended beyond the bits of paper and glue in front of me. Mostly, they were immediate, compact, and fun. I would spend some time cutting out collage elements with an exacto knife and put them in ziplock baggies that I could take with me anywhere. I still have a few of those and I should get back around to making something new.