F*** the AI – Commission Service

Stable warp diffusion is great and everything, but all of these AI services render the same kinds of gamer imagery, anime, or whatever. There is an aesthetic that AI is incapable of authentically replacing. It is a human one, think of the proletariat reality, the grit of real materials and the complex matrix of physiology, emotion, and the power of will. Whether you use old VHS documentaries from the 80s or Charles Burkowsky interviews, or the visualization you acquire from reading Down and Out in Paris and London, or other problematic human beauties, AI cannot replace human expression or the deeply poetic human experience. No, thank you to the slicked-out, homogeny-skinned virtual world.

sketch of working squirrel in a suit, lying in a city park and looking at the camera for f*** the AI

I am accepting commissions: treat me like you would AI and provide your prompts

Good news for you, the first commission is free, or rather what I mean is, I will create it and you will pay for shipping, and if you want you can pay me something for it, a donation. Please use the following form to provide me with the prompt and I will paint it for you, or maybe I’ll make a sculpture and photograph it. As a first adopter, you can have the work for free, or you can make a donation. That’s it.

This form is not a bot!

Provide your sketch prompt and any modifications below. Whenever I check, I'll see your request and will draw something for you. In some cases I might ask you to pay something, in others I'll just whip it up. Enjoy!
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Type in a description of the image you want like: "An office worker who realized he is becoming a clown while eating a hamburger."


If you do not have a preference, I will use a dimension of my own choosing.

Duotone comes at an additional cost. If you do not select a duotone, I will make any choices about whether to add colors independently.

You MUST select two : )