Secondary Visual Practices


Photography is a way of seeing. We all look at the world through our screens today. Photography for me is about my own way of seeing, my favorite subjects and access.
angeles national forest, station fire, 2009- archived photo selection andy cline artist


James Rosenquist painted billboards for a living until he wized up and brought the fruits of his labor into the studio and gallery. I grew up around carpenters. Art and constructive processes go hand in hand.

Design for Business and Marketing

Sol LeWitt once said, "I believe that the artist's involvement in the capitalist structure is disadvantageous to the artist and forces him to produce objects in order to live.". I believe that too. We find all kinds of ways to get dollars...
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Websites and Web Work

As an environmentalist, we try to find ways to goals that are lower impact on the environment. Virtual products take only electricity to produce. Experiments. It's all life is.