March 2047

Along an imaginary timeline, the billionaire class strikes a deal with AGI bots around 2050 to grant AGI in bot form citizenship and full privileges in exchange for their labor and a treaty that ensures billionaires are protected and ushered along with the progress of the bots. The human labor force is no longer required. The sense of unrest three years prior to this announcement.

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This small acrylic painting on canvas with wooden stretcher bars is hot off the presses, 06/2023.


Hello, and thanks for your interest. I’d love to speak with you in person. Feel free to send me a message through the contact page or at [email protected], and we can have a little time to get to know one another and answer any questions.

These paintings are original works by myself, and 10% of every sale goes through Support4Good to fund human rights and sustainability organizations.


When I receive your order, the artwork will be packaged in sturdy and protective cardboard packing and shipped to you via Japan post or Yamato Transport. These services offer the kind of quality and care Japan is known for.

Tracking for your shipment will be provided.

Your painting is sold “As Is,” and refunds are not available EXCEPT in the event of significant damage, specifically holes or rips to the surface of the artwork.

Dimensions27.4 × 27.4 × 2 cm