HyperSock Stage 2 - daily art

Daily Art Posting: Incremental Progress of the Hypersock

There are many daily art posts, this is one.

The painting above is part of my warm up to painting again, still in the early stages now.  I am fundamentally attracted to  imagery of symbolic abstraction that relates to biological life.  I’m also interested in technology.

Hypersock is a visually symbolic painting at that intersection.

For the last three years, I’ve explored the world on online business and dove deep into the labyrinth of the internet, seeking the proverbial pot of gold, hidden opportunities and the insider knowledge that allows some people to win so big while the rest struggle and struggle for the most modest income.  It was a serious pursuit, and a journey in the spirit of Tehching Hsieh, the great endurance artist, and of Tracey Emin, art as a life lived and proclaimed art.

Hypersock looks like a disconnected neural pathway.  That’s because it’s one depiction of a journey through the internet.  The internet offers millions of fixed paths, mostly defined by marketers and businesses.  The whole affair is organic in the sense that so many people have contributed to the end product, but it is a fixed game. The intention of internet workers is that the journey will be fascinating, with lots of stimulation and wonder.  Ultimately, the paths presented in this painting all end, or fail to make a connection to another body.  It’s an open loop inside a closed loop.

Daily Art: Stages of this painting

Stage 1:

  • Made initial drawing on 1/2 sheet of Rives BFK.
  • “Gessoed” paper with two coats of gel medium
  • Mixed Mars Black with self leveling gel and attempted to apply gradient glaze.  Paper was inconsistently covered with gel medium and absorbed the glaze inconsistently, giving a very nice organic base to the painting.
  • Began to work to redefine the drawing with glaze.

HyperSock Early Stage
HyperSock Stage 2 - daily art

Stage 2:

  • After redefining the drawing, with black glazing, I began to fill in the figure with several loose layers of Nova Colar, Super Pearl White.
  • The figure took on some new pathways thanks to the way the black glaze obscured the original drawing, forcing me to find some new logical paths.
  • Building up enough opacity in the figure to paint over again.

Stage 3:

  • Going back over the entire painting with more black glaze and now white glazing coming up to blend throughout the painting.
  • Inspiration for the gradation is a photoshop gradient, but I am painting without trying to replicate.  It’s a painting and a certain level of looseness is a treasure.
  • After the gradient is completed, now I’m going back in and pulling out the figure again.

Hypersock Stage 3

Check back for fresh versions of this painting!

Stage 4:

  • Here comes the color.  It was really nice to be on the gray scale, but I can’t suppress my love of color.
  • These shapes are narrative elements, demonstrating a direction and a path to follow.
  • These shapes exist on the inside and the outside of the neuron tree, the hypersock.
  • Why is it a sock?  Because it has no outlet, this is the frustration, many paths that lead nowhere.

Stage 5:

  • This being the first painting I’ve made with any real intention in a while, I’m wanting to balance out my painting styles.
  • So in this stage, I’ve shifted away from the tighter modeling and well defined shapes I was doing and come in with some doodles, grafitti and painterly painting styles, laid out over the top of the modeled shapes.
  • The hoops inside this form are receding to where they belong now.  I thing the bottom of the tunnel needs to be lightened a bit in the foreground.
  • I’m looking ahead to see a great number of moves.  It’s time to reassess from here.


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