fleur du mal

Turning a Curse Into A Blessing

What is the curse? Generally, the curse, and the blessing of the artist is the desire or urge you have.  The urge can be healthy or unhealthy, benign or malignant, but it is the compulsion that drives you in this world.We all have these urges. Many of them are common

Self-portrait - artist's block

Artist’s Block: How to Start After Life-Changing Events

This piece of writing is personal and therapeautic and probably shouldn’t be published.  But I’m into this idea of raw honesty lately, so I’m going to put it up, just like it is, pure writing. I’m writing about what it is like for me to make a recovery from a

Bernard Frize: Two Tokyo Exhibits

The Simultaneity of Bernard Frize: Two Tokyo Exhibits

What You Need to Know About This Exhibition Venue 1 : Perrotin Tokyo Venue 2 :  Kaikai Kiki Gallery Timeframe:  The exhibit runs from March 22 to May 8, 2018 The Artist:  Bernard Frize. Born 1954 in Saint-Mandé, FranceLives in Paris and Berlin See also: Bernard’s Website Disclaimer: I am not

Kasper Sonne Tokyo Japan KaiKai Kiki Gallery - Daily Art Blog Andy Cline Art

Kasper Sonne : Blanketed Paintings Appear at Tokyo’s Kaikai Kiki Gallery

What You Need to Know About This Exhibition The Venue:  Kaikai Kiki Gallery Timeframe:  The exhibit runs from October 26th to November 22nd, 2018 The Artist:  Kasper Sonne. Born 1974 in Copenhagen, Denmark Lives in New York See also: West Museumkwartier Disclaimer: I write about art however I want. I observe no

HyperSock Stage 2 - daily art

Daily Art Posting: Incremental Progress of the Hypersock

There are many daily art posts, this is one. The painting above is part of my warm up to painting again, still in the early stages now.  I am fundamentally attracted to  imagery of symbolic abstraction that relates to biological life.  I’m also interested in technology. Hypersock is a visually

Coarse Interference Patterns - early stage

Firing Up the Paint Palette: Paint Exercises

Coarse Interference Patterns – early stage Fortunately, I have an over-supply of canvas to fire up the paint palette with. Shape, color, line.  Those are the essentials of a composition.  I have these small canvasses, or sometimes I like to use a heavy Rives BFK, that I work on freely. 

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